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Welcome to my website. As a therapist and award winning writer my goal is to write great stories and provide practical help when you need it. I write about anxiety, workplace mobbing, congenital heart disease and marital issues. I accept new clients, and can provide consultation or speaking services.

Email me at rgschwindt@gmail.com or call 613 484-1903.



Now available in two eBook editions, paperback and on Audible; to provide more practical help to targets of workplace abuse who want to rebuild their lives. Workplace mobbing exacts a terrible emotional and physical toll on targets and those who love them. While most books on workplace bullying and mobbing focus on the dynamics of the abuse and advocacy, this book is dedicated to emotional healing. The author has been a working therapist for more than thirty years, experienced the harrowing effects of a workplace mobbing and, most importantly, has reached thousands of people in his articles, videos, website and practice to help them heal. Richard shows how to manage the out of control emotions; the anxiety, loss and trauma of a mobbing experience. He offers advice about on rebuilding relationships with family and loved ones. In addition he examines the pitfalls of seeking help for this misunderstood phenomenon. This is a must read for someone recovering from the nightmare that is workplace mobbing and for anyone watching their loved one struggle. Available on iBooks, Kindle, Nook and Kobo



This book offers guidance for treating those who seek help after facing the opprobrium of a hostile workplace. Whether your client has left the abuse or remains under fire, they need a therapist who can offer informed support. In Counselling People Targeted by Workplace Mobbing senior therapist Richard Schwindt turns his attention to colleagues, filling a gap in the treatment literature, including:
The dynamics and psycho-social effects of group aggression in the workplace.
Assessment and crisis management issues.
Challenges to the role of therapist emerging from the client’s justice seeking.
Addressing common issues in therapy, including anxiety, paranoia, emotional lability, suicidality, and rage.
The role of familial and avocational protective factors.
Common outcomes of therapy.
Helpful resources for clients and clinicians.
Richard Schwindt M.S.W., R.S.W. is a social worker and award-winning writer, with a practice dedicated to those targeted at work. He is author of Emotional Recovery from Workplace Mobbing. This book provides practical information to clinicians while remaining accessible to the layperson.

Available on Amazon Kindle



With an unsolicited, preemptive strike, Richard Schwindt, author of Social Work for Fun and Profit has turned his attention to everything watercolor. In a torrent of cheap shots, mean spirited digs, unfair characterizations, and the occasional helpful tip, he has fashioned a devil’s dictionary of the “watercolor-industrial complex” you never knew existed. 
Adopting the persona of an embittered, potty-mouthed retiree and amateur painter, Schwindt launches a mad rant in full attack mode, starting with Albrecht Dürer: 
“An early proponent of making ordinary people feel stupid…”
He recklessly moves forward, addressing everything from brushes:
“Like political prisoners and unidentified cadavers, most are assigned numbers.”
To the color wheel:
“…green … it’s leering across the wheel, like a stalker released from detention, desperate to penetrate the red. It just knows they belong together.”
And the colour purple:
“Approaching a purple painting at an art exhibition, I am unconsciously patting pockets for Prozac.” 
Eccentric, irreverent and always hilarious, Weasel and Rag is written for every hobbyist who has ever managed frustration with laughter. 



Written by an experienced marital therapist, Emotional Recovery from a Troubled Marriage provides help understanding:
The normal problems that accompany life stages
How successful couples address health and mental health issues
How to accept your partner’s humanity and put them first
The importance of recreational activity and time for you.
Problems with sex and intimacy
When to bite your tongue and how to get comfortable with awkward
Issues with children, extended family, and second (or third) marriages
The emergency created by spousal abuse
When to leave a marriage
Where to find helpful resources
There are excellent, more academic books on marriage but Richard Schwindt M.S.W., R.S.W. provides a place to start your recovery. The Emotional Recovery from… series; practical help when you need it.

Emotional Recovery from a Troubled Marriage


August 8, 2017

There are few more difficult tasks than raising a troubled child: toddler, teen or young adult. For parents it can mean sleepless nights, endless fear, conflict with school staff, and exposure to human service workers and the legal system.
It pressures your relationships and work life, often leaving you overwhelmed, in a continuing crisis.
Whether due to behavioral, emotional or developmental issues, mental illness or addiction, their pain puts you at the centre of a storm that threatens your way of life.
Award winning writer, Richard Schwindt M.S.W., R.S.W. has been a working therapist for thirty-five years. He has written this book for you – mom, dad, stepmom, stepdad: how to manage yourself in the midst of a child’s struggle.
He addresses communication issues, crisis management, advocating in the system, stigma, and preserving your relationship with your partner, child and other children.
In addition he helps you manage your own emotions; the anger, the anxiety; the sadness that can emerge from months or years of dealing with a son or daughter’s pain.
Illustrated with case examples drawn from real life, Richard puts your needs first.
The Emotional Recovery from ... series; practical help when you need it.



The disclosure of adultery ignites a genuine emotional crisis which can tear couples and families apart. While there are excellent books on infidelity consider reading Emotional Recovery from an Affair first. Written by a working marital therapist it provides the immediate First Aid you need for the days and weeks after the disclosure, whether it has been voluntary or discovered. In addition to telling you what to expect, Emotional Recovery from an Affair positions readers to save their marriage should they chose to do so. This book helps with the most difficult questions:
What exactly is infidelity?
Why is the impact of infidelity so devastating?
Why did they do it (to us)?
Who do you tell about the infidelity?
Where do you get help?
How do you address problems in the marriage?
How do you manage the intensive emotions?
What do you tell the kids (young or adult)?
This is for the couple sitting in my office saying, "Help us!"



 Winner of the Outstanding book (self-help) and Book of the Year Award (3rd) in the 2016 Independent Author Network Book of the Year Awards. More than forty thousand babies are born every year in the United States with the most common birth defect – congenital heart disease (CHD). The number of babies born annually worldwide with CHD approaches one million. While medical interventions for CHD have radically improved, less attention has been paid to the emotional impact on patients and their families. This book is written for adults with CHD, parents of CHD children, spouses, grandparents and siblings. Richard Schwindt M.S.W., R.S.W., is a working therapist with CHD, an illness he shares with his grandson. Richard offers practical help for managing the most common challenges: anxiety, depression, body image, navigating the medical system, self-care and relationships. He addresses difficult subjects, including sexuality and grief, with compassion, humour and wisdom. This is a primer for living life with joy and achievement, no matter what challenges congenital heart disease throws your way.



People can be plunged into a world where they no longer feel safe. There are great books on anxiety but if your life has been turned upside down consider reading Emotional Recovery from Situational Anxiety first. Written by a working therapist with more than thirty years’ experience, this book will help you find practical ways to manage the anxiety that could result from assault and abuse (sexual, physical, psychological), violence associated with war or law enforcement, being a crime victim, witnessing the aftermath of violence or an accident, marital separation, disclosure of an Affair, workplace mobbing, cardiac illness; cancer diagnosis, minor scares that have a disproportionate effect, or any of the above to someone we care about.
Emotional Recovery from Situational Anxiety will help you: 
Understand anxiety and why we experience it the way we do
Know where to seek help
Learn three evidence based approaches therapists use to help you
Flow into fear and disable it
Learn through case examples how others healed
Assist children and teens with anxiety
Understand the role of family in healing
Understand the importance of having fun while healing



June 30th, 2017

A farmer is murdered in 1809.
A secret plasma weapon is accidentally discharged in 1999.
And, in the summer of 2017, post-doctoral researcher Courtney Snow is hired into the ichthyology lab of Dr. Fredriche Messi. 
Located at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario, Messi – brilliant scientist and dedicated stoner - is the leading authority on control of Petromyzon marinus – the sea lamprey.
When a Queens student is savagely killed by an unknown serpentine monster, Courtney is thrust into an escalating series of events that may result in the extinction of the human race.
Though intelligent and dauntless, shadowy forces are conspiring against her success. But she has a unique advantage; the ability to see and communicate with the dead. 
Set on the Queens campus, Lake Ontario, and Lemoine Point conservation area; in Herkimer’s Nose award winning indie author Richard Schwindt has - again - fashioned eccentric characters and multiple genres into a techno-thriller, monster story, ghost story, love story and comic novella. 
Be prepared for amusing banter, cartoonish violence, puerile sexual innuendo and swearing.



The Death in Sioux Lookout Trilogy, now complete in digital format. 
Chris Allard, disgraced Toronto social worker finds work far afield in a remote community in Northwestern Ontario. He is quickly embroiled in a series of murders that tax his marriage, challenge his sanity and put him in grave peril. Unique in style, locale and characterization (and surprisingly funny) the Death in Sioux Lookout Trilogy will thrill mystery readers or anyone familiar with the desolate beauty of the boreal forest.



December 2016

Welcome to the world of Tony Price. Burnt out and vodka soaked, he fights monsters wherever he finds them. For the best in horror, hilarity and serious drinking:
Scarborough: Confidential
Sioux Lookout: Confidential
Kingston: Confidential

Tikinagan_Ottawa Confidential.jpg


Halloween 1974. A graduate student is torn apart in the tunnels beneath Carleton University. Who, or what, committed this grisly murder? Only a profane and courageous social work student named Tony Price knows the real nature of the killer. But no one believes him, including his new love, Brenda Martin. Now the evil that stalks the tunnels has its eye on her. Can Tony end the horror before it kills again? Ottawa Confidential is the prequel story of Tony Price; how a gifted young man from the wrong side of the tracks became a vodka-soaked monster hunting social worker. Horror, hilarity, and serious drinking at its best! Get in on all the spills, thrills, and action today!



Master of Social Work

Carleton University, 1982


The Ontario Association of Social Workers

The Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers

Canadian Society for Clinical Hypnosis (Ontario Division)

Ninety dollars per clinical hour by phone or Skype

Consultation and Speaking services available